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Custom Gobos

We will design custom gobos to your specifications. Corel Draw is our weapon of choice. It offers over 700 typefaces and the ability to manipulate them with great flexibility. Standard art charges apply website. Most gobos can be designed in one half hour.

Your Art: We respect your work as a designer. Your artwork belongs to you and we will not reproduce it without your express permission.

.015" thick Jeweler's Brass. Our standard thickness. Works in all standard lekos including the Mole 2K and the GAM Scene Machine.

.010" thick Jeweler's Brass. Motorized fixtures (Roboscan 1220, I-Beam, Vari*Lite, Morpheus). Thinner to fit the holders.

.032" thick Jeweler's Brass. Extra heavy duty. Too thick for sandwich style holders. No price break for quantities.

N&N Productions, Ltd.

Phone: 775-355-9080
Email:Â sales@brassgobos.com

Artwork Via Email

Mail to: sales.brassgobos.com
We use Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and AutoCad.


Send these types of files if possible.

Best: .CDR, .EPS, AI, .DXF

These are vector files, and because vector graphics are built using mathematical/geometric formulas, we can scale them with no loss in quality. For the best high definition results, these are the file types to work with.

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second best: .tif, .wmf, .bmp, .eps, .psd

These are raster files that create bitmaps, and because bitmaps are a collection of tiny pixels, the resolution of the image is fixed and therefore do not resize well. When enlarged, fuzziness sets in and quality is lost.

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worst: .jpg, .png, and .gif

These are raster files that have been compressed for internet use. When created, detail is lost for the sake of small file size and quick browser lownloading. We can usually open them for a look...but are generally poor quality.

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Artwork Via Fax.

We no longer accept artwork via fax.

We prefer attachments via email