N & N Productions is Rich Norris, Chief Cutter, and Anne Wyak Norris, Head Wrangler.

Quality Materials

For over 25 years, N & N Productions has produced custom brass gobos. The standard thickness of our gobos is .015" (.4mm), more than twice that of any other manufacturer. This thickness and heatsinking capabilities of brass produces a gobo with exceptional durability and long life.

.4mm Brass

Classic Aesthetics

From stage scene creation, to logo branding, to in-home ambient lighting, our hard working brass gobos offer classic aesthetics for every scale of theatrical and architectural lighting design. ORDER NOW

Grayscale Glass

Dramatic High Definition

Our glass gobos offer high definition with exceptional clarity, detail and beautifully blended shading. With grayscale glass, even small text and intricate features are in chrisp, sharp focus. ORDER NOW

Full Color Glass

Brilliant Illumination

Our full color gobos can match colors and gradients to exact specifications. Full color photograhs can be projected in amazing detail. Perfect, too, for chromatic logos and realistic stage scenes. ORDER NOW

Magic Atmospheres

Besides our classic brass gobos, we offer glass gobos in monochromatic greyscale and full color. Custom stencils and drafting templates are also available in plastic and mil-spec stencil board as large as 12" x 24".



Custom Gobos

We will design custom gobos to your specifications.

What is a Gobo?

A gobo is a type of stensil in the form of a slide, made of brass, steel, or glass, used with a projected light source for the purpose of creating various types of light sculptures.

What do Gobos do?

Gobos are dramatic in their power to highlight, illuminate and even enlighten the very moment the director intends to be thoroughly experienced and fully enjoyed.

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Besides their utilitarian value, gobos are also intesting and beautiful in their own right. We have taken photos of our work over the years and offer a small sampling here.


Eldorado Shreveport New Year's Eve Party, December 2012. Photo by Kevin Sullivan